Memorial Service for David Sigelman
Sage Hall, Smith College
May 18, 2004

  1. Peter Ives (low bandwidth - 880k) (high bandwidth - 2347k)
  2. Bob Abrams Intro (low bandwidth - 145k) (high bandwidth- 389k)
  3. Bob Abrams (low bandwidth - 2425k) (high bandwidth- 6469k)
  4. Bob Sigelman Intro (low bandwidth - 214k) (high bandwidth- 571k)
  5. Bob Sigelman (low bandwidth - 3440k) (high bandwidth- 9174k)
  6. Dan Sigelman Intro (low bandwidth - 167k) (high bandwidth- 447k)
  7. Dan Sigelman (low bandwidth - 2450k) (high bandwidth- 6535k)
  8. Deb Sherr / Bach Intro (low bandwidth - 384k) (high bandwidth- 1024k)
  9. Deb Sherr / Bach (low bandwidth - 921k) (high bandwidth - 2457k)
  10. Barbara Stechenberg Intro (low bandwidth - 137k) (high bandwidth - 366k)
  11. Barbara Stechenberg (low bandwidth - 1798k) (high bandwidth - 4796k)
  12. Jane Cross and Ann Nugent Intro (low bandwidth - 139k) (high bandwidth - 374k)
  13. Jane Cross and Ann Nugent (low bandwidth - 2634k) (high bandwidth - 7025k)
  14. Pioneer Valley Cappella / Brahms Intro (low bandwidth - 531k) (high bandwidth - 1419k)
  15. Pioneer Valley Cappella / Brahms (1/2) (low bandwidth - 2452k) (high bandwidth - 6540k)
  16. Pioneer Valley Cappella / Brahms (2/2) (low bandwidth - 732k) (high bandwidth - 1954k)
  17. Trio / Playford Intro (low bandwidth - 946k) (high bandwidth - 2525k)
  18. Trio / Playford (low bandwidth - 2627k) (high bandwidth - 7006k)
  19. Lew Nerenberg Intro (low bandwidth - 254k) (high bandwidth - 679k)
  20. Lew Nerenberg (low bandwidth - 4677k) (high bandwidth - 12473k)
  21. Marty Wohl Intro (low bandwidth - 175k) (high bandwidth - 468k)
  22. Marty Wohl (low bandwidth - 4823k) (high bandwidth - 12862k)
  23. Pat, Katie, and Ben Intro (low bandwidth - 146k) (high bandwidth - 390k)
  24. Pat, Katie, and Ben (low bandwidth - 959k) (high bandwidth - 2557k)
  25. "Get Together" Intro (low bandwidth - 248k) (high bandwidth - 663k)
  26. "Get Together" (low bandwidth - 842k) (high bandwidth - 2246k)
The public memorial service was held on May 18, 2004. An audio recording of that event can be found here.
A scrapbook of memories and stories about David is in the works. If you'd like to share something over email, you can send your thoughts to
The David Sigelman Memorial Fund has been established to continue David's efforts to benefit communities locally and globally. Donations to the fund can be sent to:
The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts
1500 Main St
Springfield, MA 01115
Please make checks payable to the "David Sigelman Memorial Fund".

If you'd prefer to make a donation using a credit card, call the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts at (413) 732-2858 and ask for Debra Koske, or send her an email: